Dialogue Quadriptych

  • Collection: Private Collection
  • Media: Silk Screen Print
  • Size: 28 x 35 Each
  • Year: 2016

Each one of the four pieces represents one letter of the word ‘hiwar’, which is Arabic for dialogue. They can be arranged in two rows and two columns or in one horizontal or vertical line, to maintain the coherency of the word ‘hiwar’. 

The harmony of these four very different colors was achieved by adjusting their saturation and represents different points of view and personalities, which must sustain dialogue in order to exchange ideas and ultimately, to work in tandem to relay meaning.

The letters themselves exist in negative spaces, which are created by the shadows and radiations of the external solid black vectors around them. This represents the ways in which people’s characters are perceived through their ideas and actions, metaphorical components of our being that reside externally to our physical properties—extensions and abstractions of our convictions and intent, forever subject to mediation and interpretation.


Calligraphy, Calligraforms